Important Notice Hostel remain closed for the session 15-16 for renovation work

Hostel Rules

Leave Rules

  1. The students will not be allowed to meet any person except the parents or guardian (as specified in the form). Parents/Guardians can meet or take their wards out ONCE A MONTH ONLY i.e. LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH.
  2. No outing other than this will be permitted.
  3. The ward must be picked up and dropped back at the hostel personally by the Parent/Guardian, punctually at the given date & time.



  1. Hostellers will follow the daily routine of the hostel and the school unless exempted on medical grounds on the recommendation of the Hostel Warden.
  2. Hostellers are not allowed to stay in the rooms during school hours games/activity/study periods. No day scholar can enter the hostel building.
  3. Hostellers are not allowed to keep valuables in their possession such as jewellery, electronic goods etc.
  4. Hostellers are not allowed to keep or take medicines or tonics without the knowledge of the Hostel Warden.
  5. Night Roll Call/Attendance will be taken .
  6. Hostellers will be allowed to go home during long breaks. The guardian will collect the ward from the School Hostel and make arrangements for his travel. All hostellers will return to the hostel a day before the school re-opens.
  7. Examination reports will be sent to the parent through the Hostel Warden.
  8. Any hosteller falling sick will report to the Hostel Warden immediately.
  9. If a student returns after any illness, he should bring a fitness certificate & show it to the Principal before joining the Hostel.
  10. All damage to, or loss of hostel property, will be severely dealt with & a suitable fine shall be imposed.
  11. Hostellers are encouraged to write  regularly to their parents. It is ensured that the hostellers write at least one letter in 30 days.
  12. Parents, friends and relatives are not permitted to enter inside the Hostel without the permission of the Principal.

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